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SKIN120 Prime Programme to Skin Health

SKIN120 Prime Programme to Skin Health


Video or Audio call

The SKIN120 Prime Programme I have created for you is a premium service to help you achieve your skin health concern and future goal using scientifically formulated products and Medical Grade Devices that deliver real, measurable results along with my expert guidance, working together to help you achieve healthy skin for a lifetime.

My aim is for you to achieve optimal skin health. Combining my role as a Facialist, educator and tutor, I re-educate the skin and provide you with knowledge to reset your skin to better health. You will have an understanding of how your skin functions, and I provide you with advice to care for your skin correctly now and to future proof your skin. Result driven products, premium nutrition supplements, in-salon treatments and home devices such as Cosmetic Needling and the Dermalux Flex Exclusive Rental Programme, are all available to you to help deliver real, long term skin changes.

A personalised SKIN120 programme is created for you being mindful of your budget, time and commitment you have to invest in your skin health. Knowing this information helps me to select products, supplements, devices and in-salon treatments to prescribe to you a carefully selected programme.

SKIN120 Prime Programme consists of the initial Consultation, with a follow up call 2 weeks later, then monthly appointments for 3 months, giving you 120 days of personal ongoing support directed by myself where we can discuss, assess and adapt your programme as your skin responds to your new regime.

On completion of SKIN120 a follow-up SKIN90 Review is recommended to enjoy long term skin health and to continuously receive my support and guidance. SKIN90 Review £35 is redeemable with this programme against products purchased at this time.

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