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Mind & Body Synergy

Science has revealed that the mind and body are intimately connected. I use a spectrum of psychological, physical and behavioural treatments drawn from many disciplines, in an approach to health wellness that aims to treat the whole person, benefiting from mind and body synergy, creating a better you.   

Hypnotherapy is a fast and effective way of helping you to change and reframe your thoughts, behaviours and limiting beliefs, building a positive foundation to achieve your goals. These lasting changes have a positive mind impact, providing you with a more fulfilling life. Results can be seen after just one session however, some issues may need more sessions. This will be discussed in the consultation. 

My story:
I saw my father make a miraculous recovery following a stroke which was driven purely from him being strong willed along with a positive mindset, focused desire and determination to recover and enjoy life after being told by the consultant he would soon be sitting, but unfortunately not able to do much more. His utter determination got him not only walking, talking and eating but regaining his driving license - a huge achievement which was his ultimate goal. The consultant, delighted to see John walking into his clinic said “We still don’t fully understand how the power of the mind affects the body” ...

My Father’s inspiration led me to study the mind. Hypnotherapy and Steven Blakes Brain bargaining techniques have been added to my existing Complementary Therapies so I can help you achieve overall mind and body synergy, helping a long list of conditions and issues which affect your daily life. 

The change starts with YOU ~ making your tomorrow...better than yesterday.

I offer a free telephone consultation to establish your reasons for change and to answer any questions, ensuring you feel entirely happy before commencing with an appointment. 

Online or face-to-face appointments:

1 hour £125 

Alma (5).png

To arrange an appointment

Tel: 01636 680198


Kind Words

"While I was having my beauty therapy treatment with Marie and chatting to her I just happened to mention that we were going to Cornwall and that I was dreading the drive down there, I said I would have to have some sleeping tablets to knock me out for the journey  as I was petrified of the distance we were going to travel. Marie asked me if I would like to try hypnotherapy to help me with my anxiety and I agreed. I had four hypnotherapy sessions with Marie and oh my goodness I could not believe the difference it made to me. With the technique that Marie used I was very calm and able to keep calm throughout the whole journey not only was the journey very good, when we reached our first destination I was able to climb to the highest point of Tintagel without feeling any fear, this was a marvellous feeling, my husband could not believe how calm I was so thank you Marie. I now believe undoubtably that hypnotherapy works well, although I’m not cured of my anxiety disorder I am far better equipped to deal with it through  hypnotherapy. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who thinks they have tried everything and nothing works, that is where I was, thanks to Marie I’m not there anymore."  Susan Checkley

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